Testing Out


The testing out process allows for a student to take a test out exam and/or complete test out projects for the chance of earning credit in a particular class. The State of Michigan has established a cut score of 76.5% or better on the test out exam to qualify a student for credit in a particular course.

Specific test out dates and times will be provided by the department responsible for the test once the application is received. The department head will email you with available dates for you to choose from.  Please note that ALL communications will be via email.

No other notice will be given, so please submit the registration form below and retain the first page upper for your records. Please inform the Counseling Office if you decide to not test out. All questions about the tests should be directed to the Department Chair for that area:

• Mrs. Mielke (English) – cmielke@zps.org

• Mrs. Soukhome (Science) – jsoukhom@zps.org

• Mrs. Wyckoff (Math) – mwyckoff@zps.org

• Mr. Minnear (Social Studies) – tminnear@zps.org

• Mrs. Purnell (Foreign Language) – rpurnell@zps.org

Since times may vary for students to complete the test, a phone will be available for use after an exam is finished. Please call Dawn Collins in the Zeeland West Counseling Office at 748-4520, if you have any questions about this process.


1. Because testing out implies extensive prior knowledge in a particular subject, students will not be  supplied with study materials, as it is expected that they would already know the information.

2. The NCAA does not count tested out classes towards its core course eligibility requirements.

Please submit the registration form to the West Counseling Office by Friday, March 16, 2018 . If mailing, please address the form to Zeeland West High School, Attn: Dawn Collins, Counseling Office, 3390 100th Ave., Zeeland, MI 49464. 2018 TEST OUT Registration ZPS (1)